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Equipment Lease Inspections:
Our objective with equipment inspections is to verify that all items under lease have been delivered and are in good condition with no evidence of physical damage and or abuse, in addition the equipment matches your Bill of Lading, and are in the reported condition. This can be done prior to funding the lease or at any time that risk levels warrant an on-site inspection of your collateral. Speed, accuracy and communication are the essential to every leased equipment inspection. We also conduct automobile. and equipment lease return condition inspections. We service most major metropolitan areas across the United States. ​

 Mechanical Failure Inspections:
We for years have specialized in mechanical failure claims analysis, and failure verification with ASE certified inspectors on cars, trucks, boats, and recreational vehicles.
Business Verifications: 
We have developed a non-invasive site visit.  These inspections are scheduled in advance with the    borrower and offer an insightful look into the daily business practices and operations. Interior and exterior photos accompany this general inspection of the physical business location.  Observations such as the number of employees, years in business and whether or not they share the space with others can be very informative. Due diligence is imperative.  Have Accurate Measurement Inspection Services do the site visit for you, and help you assemble the jigsaw. ​

Delinquency Inspections: 
When a borrower approaches 60 days late it is time to conduct a site visit. If a borrower fails to make their required payments and or you are unable to contact them, Accurate Measurement Inspection Services will visit the business to verify it is still in existence and ask the borrower to make contact with the bank. In order to secure an SBA guarantee it is required that a site visit be completed at 60 days delinquent. Due to distance, time, cost or other factors, you may not be available to conduct this visit. By utilizing AMIS  field inspection staff, it can be your eyes and ears, wherever your borrower may be.

We adhere to the FDCPA standards and all field chases are run between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM Monday thru Sunday. 

​Pre / Post Funding Inspections:
An important part of the loan approval process is an on-site inspection of the business and surroundings. Prior to and post funding any transaction, Accurate Measurement Inspection Services, Inc. can provide a site visit with your borrower at their place of business. The strength Accurate Measurement Inspection Services, Inc. provides an unbiased perspective of the borrower and the location. Due to distance, time, cost or other factors, you may not be able to conduct a site visit prior to submitting a new deal. By utilizing AMIS vast field inspectors, we will be be your eyes and ears in the field, wherever your borrower / customer may be, let us give you a head start. The company of your choice, the company you can depend on. 
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